Boatski Tours Invite

Join us at 5 pm on October 29th for this special one-time screening of the 45 minute long documentary film: ”Boatski Tours"


This film explores South Florida’s waterways, showcasing Miami artist Gustavo Oviedo's seven years worth of nautical footage and photography. Entirely narrated by the participants of these excursions, we'll hear from 14 local artists. Through their candid accounts, you will experience the exploration mishaps as well as achievements that occurred over the course of those seven years. From Miami all the way down to Dry Tortugas, Gustavo takes you on a 230 mile journey of South Florida's marine landmarks. Along side the screening, Biscayne Nature Center will display a series of collages by the filmmaker that relate to the documentary.


Featured Interviews:

  • Ahol
  • Ana Cecilia
  • Diego Guzmán
  • Benton Galgay
  • Emmet Moore
  • Jeffrey Noble
  • Johnny Robles
  • Juan Griego
  • Gary Fonseca
  • Magnus Sodamin
  • Mario Gonzalez
  • Melinda Martinez
  • Oscar Guardado
  • Tragek


Film Score by:

  • Albert Vargas - Vocals and guitar
  • Oscar Guardado - Drums
  • Ivan Layton - Guitar
  • Samuel Little - Bass
  • Junior Williams - Production



  • Noah Levy
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Produced and directed by Gustavo Oviedo



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